2018 Lexus RX 350L: First Look — Cars.com

if you’re shopping for a luxury SUV with
a family in tow and don’t want to step all the way up to a big truck based
model Lexus has an answer for you now with a longer version of its popular rx
SUV it’s called the RX L and it could seat up to seven now to add that third
row Lexus added 4.3 inches length here versus the regular length rx SUV and
just about all of that comes right here at the c-pillar
still a floating roof design here with kind of a blacked-out c-pillar section
toward the back but it looks a little more elongated and how it plunges toward
the rear the rear window itself a little more vertical Lexus says to help with
Headroom in that third row the third row seats to the second row seats either two
or three depending if you get captains chairs or a three-position bench either
way it’s very tight back here this is what the second row slid all the way
forward as far as it goes which makes for kind of tight legroom for adults
that have to sit there as you can see third row legroom for adults as a
squeeze even at this if you have to seat all the way back as it is over here
pretty much no one’s gonna be able to sit back here so really kids only stay
tuned for more the RX L comes on sale in January 2018 for the RX 350 alkylene
model and a few months later in the spring for the RX 450h the hybrid you