2018 Lexus LS 500h Review – Living in the Lap of Luxury

what’s going on guys this week I’ve been
driving in the lap of luxury with the 2018 lexus LS let’s take a closer look and this is the LS 500 H which means
it’s the hybrid version of the Lexus LS exterior wise I think this is a great
looking vehicle it’s big its massive it’s got some really nice lines and that
front grille is just big and massive and has a lot of cool lines. It’s a really
good-looking car it has a presence on the road and if you’re spending this
kind of money on this kind of car you definitely want that. Alright so let’s
move along to the interior and see where all the real magic happens all right so being inside this car is
definitely a nice place to be, as you might expect from the most expensive
vehicle that Lexus sells probably one of the nicest features of this car is
definitely the noise in here when you’re in evey mode this cabin is super quiet
you can really just have conversations without yelling or anything it’s just
really nice that you can talk in here and you don’t have to yell
because when noise is so low engine noise is non-existent if you’re in EV
mode it’s just a really nice place to be obviously there’s so much packed into
this car there’s no way I’m going to cover it all in this review video and
we’re just talking about the drivers functions wait till we get to the back
seats! Lexus doesn’t leave out the driver as the front seat of this car has a very
driver centric interior starting with the steering wheel where you have a
button for just about everything including some flappy pedals for
shifting gears you get a drive mode select that enables you to make this
vehicle more responsive or efficient with the turn of a dial you also get a
digital tachometer that changes based on the drive mode you’ve selected and shows
a slew of information based on what you want to see
the display up front is a twelve point three inch screen with bright colors and
lots of real estate you get a Mark Levinson surround sound
system with Lexus’ inform infotainment system as well as Apple CarPlay this
system is controlled by Lexus’ remote touch which acts like a laptop trackpad
for navigating around that twelve point three inch screen you also get a massive
24 inch heads-up display that projects key information about your audio, speed,
current gear, rpms, or many other things onto the windshield. Alright, so let’s
talk a little bit about these back seats this is really where you want to be in
this car so as I was driving in the lap of luxury my kids were riding in the lap
of luxury and it all is controlled right here you get a touchscreen display this
little cup holder area but this touchscreen display that controls pretty
much everything that you can control up there from audio to climate to the seats
back here you get reclining seats massaging seats heated and cooled seats
in the back you can actually even fold the front seat down when you’re in the
back just to make sure that the people in the front know that you are the one
in control in this situation yeah I’m 6-foot 1-inch and I’ve got my feet
completely extended out I can’t even touch that front seat in front of me
that’s how you ride you’ve got your own USB plugs back here which give you
control over music you can plug in your own iPhone or whatever I’m not just
music but charging but there’s so much you can do back here the only thing it
doesn’t have that I kind of expected was having like screens and the back
headrests or something of the seats so you don’t have any infotainment in that
respect but you’ve got all your controls right here and obviously like I said
you’ve got your plugs so if you needed to be charging an iPad while using it or
something like that you can have that hooked up here alright so there’s just a ton to talk
about in this vehicle if I didn’t address something that you would like to
hear please leave it down in the comments down below and I’ll try to
answer it there or if there’s something that you know about this car that I
didn’t talk about that you think people should know about again leave it down in
the comments because there’s just so much I’m just not going to be able to
cover at all driving this thing is definitely a nice experience as well
with that hybrid system it’s very efficient it’s very smooth and it’s very
quiet but driving this thing this is not where you want to be in this car where
you want to be is in that backseat the heads-up display is really nice it’s
huge it’s big there’s a lot of information that’s showing there I
really wish everything would be showing there and you wouldn’t even have a
screen down here but you do have a screen down here which is good for
redundancy and extra information but man that heads-up display is really nice
definitely looking forward to the day where you have those full screen
heads-up displays to just give you all kinds of information as you’re driving
or the cars driving you alright guys I hope you enjoyed that
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