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we get a lot of questions and comments
at cars.com but one of the questions we get almost more than any other one is
this one dear cars.com should I buy a Lamborghini
Huracan perform on tey or that Subaru Legacy that I’ve been looking at or the
other one here dear cars calm my husband says we should really get a crossover
SUV because we’ve got these three kids but frankly I want a Lamborghini well
we’ve come here to Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah Georgia to answer a very
important question yet a Lamborghini Huracan so you might not be terribly
familiar with what this is and that’s to be expected we don’t have many of these
on cars calm well this is the entry-level Lamborghini the Huracan it
was originally based on the Audi r8 but it’s obviously been changed
significantly since then howdy actually owns Lamborghini not many people really
realize that the car itself is aluminum and carbon fiber
it’s got a mid-mounted 5.2 liter v10 engine it’s putting out 640 horsepower
and it’s enough to get the Huracan from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds with a top speed
of 202 miles per hour the Huracan prefer monty uses a lot of
carbon fiber but it’s carbon fibre like you might not have seen before
check out the pattern here it doesn’t use carbon fibre that’s laid down in
sheets and then formed into a mold instead they kind of chop it up mix it
with a resin and then use a special kind of press so you get this pattern that
doesn’t look like any kind of carbon fiber you’ve seen before and this
material is used throughout the vehicle inside now the pattern is unique it’s
almost like a tortoise shell so it kind of looks dirty you kind of want to rub
it and make sure that it sits clean but it is this is just the way it looks and
because of the uniqueness of this pattern it means that no two carbon
fiber pieces between any two Lamborghinis are going to look exactly
the same inside you’ve got a lot more of that carbon fiber that we saw outside
it’s on all of the parts and pieces in here including the flappy paddle
shifters here you’ve got a novel start/stop button and check this out you
flip it up and that’s what you’ll push to actually start the engine it’s a
automated manual dual clutch transmission so it does have an
automatic mode but you can also operate it manually shift your paddles behind
the steering wheel the switches and controls might look familiar because a
lot of them are out of the Audi parts been which frankly means that they work
pretty well but you’ve also got a Bank of really unique switches here that have
guards on them for operating things like windows those also add to the whole
element of sportiness into this interior you’ve got the main gauges in front of
you but you’ve also got some digital gauges to the side here that pit they’re
in Italian pressure olio bacteria which kind of adds the Homeless teak of the
Lamborghini now the magic button and here is this one on the steering wheel
you see it says strata sport and course Estrada’s street sport this sport Corsa
means race and what this does is this is your mode selector button it changes all
kinds of settings throughout the vehicle to make what’s already a crazy hyper car
even more fast it is just wicked it’s not quiet but who
cares that noise is what you want to hear 5.2
liter mid-mounted v10 engine and it just sings in strata mode Street mode it’s
perfectly docile it’s almost astonishingly good ride now
this track is obviously not your typical pothole Detroit urban street but still
it is really quite supple no when you put it in race mode or sport mode it is
going to firm up considerably you’ve got 20 inch wheels with Pirelli PZero Corsa
tyres I mean those are those are track tires they’re meant to have the maximum
amount of stick and they certainly do yeah it’s just too much fun the seats
are actually remarkably comfortable even for somebody my size I don’t think I’d
want to wear a helmet in here though as the Headroom is low it’s a sports car so
you’re not going to have a lot of Headroom in here the windshield is also
rather low – you’ve got a good view forward but the view up you’re gonna
have to bend over a little bit or just be shorter take a few vertebra out of
your spine you’ll fit even better it’s worth it definitely worth it so yeah
it’s pretty wicked just about in every sense of the word it’s gorgeous to look
at it’s fun to drive even a guy like my size fits in the thing really without
any kind of problem now the original question we had was should I buy a
crossover or a Lamborghini Huracan and given that this thing costs two hundred
and seventy four thousand dollars it’s really not the right question the
question is should I buy a house or a Lamborghini Huracan and the answer to
that question is you should buy the Lamborghini Huracan because you can
sleep in the car you can’t race the house find out more
about the Lamborghini Huracan on cars calm you