2018 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk – Mario Karting it up! 🌈

what’s going on guys this week I’ve been
driving the 2018 Jeep renegade trailhawk now the renegade is probably one of the
more controversial jeeps out today and it gets a lot of hate online but I quite
like it let’s take a closer look now I get it some people think the exterior is
a little too cutesy for a Jeep but I think it looks like the CUV that goes
and picks on and beats up other little CUV’s I think it looks a little bit
more aggressive than most out there definitely has that Jeep look to it and
it’s just a ton of fun now I’m not a huge fan of the color but you’re
definitely not going to lose this thing out in the woods or in a parking lot Jeep I think that’s a I think that
counts as a loss definitely could have been a little renegade or a little Jeep
and added an extra Easter Egg in there just saying – alright guys enough fun out
here let’s move inside take a look at the interior and how it drives and then
we’ll get this all wrapped up all right so interior-wise this thing is
it’s pretty cheap inside but it’s not bad
jeeps definitely done a good job at making it look interesting
and making the things that you really touch actually a lot nicer those are hard plastic that’s a little
bit softer that’s hard plastic but the but overall I think it’s a really good
interior especially for an off-roading vehicle you don’t want it to be too
plush and if that is what you’re looking for you can always step up into a more
luxurious Jeep and we’ve already taken a look around at the Easter Eggs inside of
here so I think that’s a pretty cool thing that Jeep is doing I know other
manufacturers or in other chrysler vehicles they do kind of the same thing
but I really like just how much Jeep-ness they try to put in here to really
let you know that this is a true Jeep enough of that we got to get out on the
road and then we’ll wrap this up in a bit now although the Jeep renegade is not a
fast vehicle it can be a ton of fun to drive it’s almost like driving a little
Mario Kart down the street it’s not like I said it’s not quick it doesn’t handle
particularly well but you just feel like you’re in this little toy and you can do
anything and go anywhere and it’s a ton of fun your fuel economy isn’t great in
here I think it’s a twenty one city and twenty nine highway with an average
about 25 miles to the gallon my week with this vehicle I’ve been averaging
about 22 miles to the gallon so it’s not horrible but it’s definitely not great
you do get a big touchscreen display that has GPU connect system and it’s one
of the best in the business I’ve always said and I think it’s just one our truck
rodeo Awards if you saw my very long video on the truck truck rodeo Awards
this one has infotainment system or technology won one of the awards but
it’s definitely one of the best you can also connect your phone have an apple
carplay and android auto but it’s gotten a really great interface as it is now
like most of my videos driving a 4×4 vehicle I wish I had a place to be able
to take these and test these more off-road that’s kind of what our truck
rodeo event is and I didn’t get it attend commend unless I’ve driven the
trailhawk off-road before in the renegade and I know it can handle it
this does really fantastic it’ll blow your mind what it can do it’s not always
just about big tires and everything is about it’s about approach angles and
departure angles and this thing has very short
over hangs you get just enough ground clearance to make really good maneuvers
and the off-roading tires on this are good on the street but still work
off-road price-wise it based on the Renegades is about $22,000
this one is over $33,000 which is quite a bit for a entering level kind of CUV
but with everything that’s capable of doing it’s not a bad price for what it
can do but you can also get like the compass now in a trailhawk you can get
the the Cherokee and a trailhawk and all of those are right around that mid
$30,000 range – so you’d really want to buy this if you’re looking if you really
like the looks and the size of this vehicle and you don’t want to go any
bigger it’s a really fantastic and again really fun vehicle to drive but you
definitely have to want this vehicle alright guys well obviously the weather
is not going to be cooperating with us today and that’s all the time I have so
if you enjoy this video please hit that thumbs up button leave me a comment down
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thanks for watching