2018 Hyundai Kona: First Look — Cars.com

subcompact models whether their cars or
SUVs sometimes have the most left-field styling in the industry and that
certainly is the case here with Hyundai’s all new Kona a subcompact SUV
with styling that promises as much controversy as a political discussion
with your in-laws we’ll get right into it here now first off you see
Hyundai’s trapezoidal grille this is about the only thing that’s shared with
other Hyundai models because once you get out here there’s very little we see
that is elsewhere in the brand there’s kind of three levels of Lights here in
this car at the otoscope these are daytime running lights Hyundai
says these are the actual headlights down here and these are optional fog
lights all the way at the ground it’s hard to tell which ones which I guess
you’ll figure that out once you see one driving by and you come around the side
the Kona does offer all-wheel drive so some of its ruggedness is legitimate you
get a lot of cladding here along the side actually lower trim levels of the
car honey says have plastic plastic down here that’s unpainted and it does offer
a little bit of protection against bumps and scratches and so on you get around
the back of very stacked design kind of busy looking and overall the dimensions
you can tell are small about a foot shorter than Hyundai’s Tucson it’s small
SUV the adventure continues inside the condo with a lot of interesting styling
cues going on in here this car here at the Auto Show has 100 calls lime twist
exterior paint and that actually carries over to some of the cues here some of
the lines on the seats around the gearshift even around the
air-conditioning vents in the center here
overall a reasonable amount of room some pretty interesting kind of high-end
features things like OneTouch front windows an 8 8 way power passenger seat
rare to find those in this segment and some must-have value features for
consumers even looking for an affordable version of the car a 7-inch touchscreen
with apple carplay and android auto is standard an 8 inch screen is optional
now the color will come with 2 four-cylinder engines either a 2-liter
normally aspirated motor or a 1.6 liter turbo four-cylinder stay tuned for our
driving impressions pricing and much more closer to the cars on sale date in
early 2018 you