2018 Hyundai Accent First Drive — Cars.com

subcompact sedans are a humble but
affordable class and the Hyundai Accent is one of its familiar faces it’s been
around for four generations and nearly a quarter of a century so this is the
fifth generation redesign and we’ve just had a chance to take a spin does it
raise the bar let’s find out now styling for this redesign largely
follows the bigger Elantra Hyundai z– popular compact car you can see a lot of
kind of brand cues flowing into the redesigned accent we have here an accent
se this is actually the base trim level which honda expects about half of all
accent shoppers are gonna buy this car versus an SEL or a limited version of
the car nice to have things like body color door handles and mirrors so it
doesn’t look like you bought the base car one giveaway though are the wheels
these are 15 inch steel wheels with plastic covers you can get 15 or 17 inch
alloys though now pretty basic materials in terms of cabin finishes but a very
straightforward layout here very easy to use all the major controls they all have
a nice high-quality feel to them they don’t feel like they’re gonna fall off
in your hand the center console nice and low here so you have plenty of room to
stretch out another front seats actually reasonably comfortable in this new
accent if you haven’t been in a 15 16 17 thousand dollar entry-level subcompact
lately I got to tell you they’re all pretty well-equipped these days standard
features in the accident for example power windows locks keyless entry a
5-inch screen here with a backup camera Bluetooth phone and audio streaming
cruise control air conditioning I wish there was a telescoping steering wheel
on a center armrest in our car here but you can get those in higher trim levels
now we’ve driven both the SE and the limited the base and the top trim levels
of the accent I gotta say the car drives pretty well ride quality a very high
point or good isolation a little bit of busyness with the 17 inch wheels on the
limited but the 15 is really soak up a lot with their higher profile tires the
automatic transmission is a six-speed unit it down shifts in reasonably good
time picks a gear kind of sticks with it even through uphill stretches and the
four-cylinder a tiny little 1.6 liter engine direct injection actually has
enough torque to kind of get you where you need to go when you need to get
there now the back seat isn’t great I’m 6 feet tall that’s where I would sit to
drive as you can see I don’t have a ton of leg or knee room left over here the
seats kind of low to the floor and it’s not like I’m
getting a ton of head room in exchange for it it’s merely adequate with
subcompact you don’t always have to get that hatchback alternatives like the
Honda Fit have quite a bit of backseat room even some sedans like the Nissan
Versa more room than this at the end of the day the new accent doesn’t exactly
turn the class on its head but it drives pretty well and it’s got a
straightforward no nonsense interior that plus a 10-year powertrain warranty
should put it on the list for many budget-conscious sedan shoppers you