2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain X All Mountain Concept — Cars.com

we’re here at the LA Auto Show where the
nearest snow is probably hundreds and hundreds of miles away but that didn’t
prevent GMC from bringing their 2,500 all-mountain concept vehicle no you
can’t buy this it’s not a production vehicle but it’s still very very cool
they start with a 2500 HD all-terrain X it’s got the Duramax 445 horsepower 910
foot-pounds of torque turbo diesel under the hood it’s four-wheel-drive crew cab
version but the coolest feature are these mat tracks these are essentially
tank tracks at each corner that give it an incredible amount of traction and can
probably blast through any amount of snow that you want to drive through now
at each wheel they just attach just like a regular tire and wheel combinations
but with the 910 foot-pounds of torque you’ll be able to go just about anywhere
you need to go with this vehicle now there are a lot of features on here that
are special but most for the most part you can just purchase them yourselves
these snowboard racks from thule factory they attach right to the bed also the
Thule ski racks here on the back connect right into the ball hitch GM accessories
on top here there’s a light bar on the rear of the bed and then there’s also a
tonneau cover giving you a little bit of locked protection in the back as well
now as you might expect these mat tracks aren’t inexpensive in fact at each
corner you’re talking about $10,000 worth of traction technology it’s very
cool you can see you’ve got to lift this vehicle up probably probably close to 10
or 12 inches in order to accommodate this but that lets you go just about
anywhere you want to go so we’re talking about $60,000 for a 2500 HD all-terrain
another $40,000 for these mat tracks so you’re talking about $100,000 worth of
very cool impressively go anywhere off-road capable pickup truck you want
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