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0-60 in under four seconds in the new 2018
Ford Mustang?!? Cue the crash footage! Just kidding, everyone except those rear tires
are just fine. I’m your host flip-up headlight fanatic,
Noor Elahi bringing you the car truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – unless
we get it wrong. Thank you for joining us. We here at the Car Truth Report really like
the direction Ford is going with the newest generation of Mustangs – pun intended – and
the 2018 mid-cycle refresh is no exception. Ford has just released a few details about
their new 2018 Mustang aside from the exterior updates, which you have probably already seen
and formed a strong opinion about. They are boasting that their new 5.0 will be able to
get to 60 miles per hour in under four seconds. Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer said
the new speed was attributed to five factors. First and second; Ford has improved the 2018
Mustang’s horsepower and torque. The coyote 5.0 now boasts direct injection and port fuel
injection for added power and efficiency. The horsepower has been upped to 460 from
435, and the torques are up from 400 to 420. They also mentioned the ecoboost will be getting
a 30 ft lbs boost in torque up to 350 and that will enable the automatic model to go
0-60 in less than 5 seconds, which would make it over ½ a second faster than the current
4 cylinder Camaro, and even faster than the V6. Go ahead and hit the like button if the extra
go-fast is enough to get you in the saddle of a new Mustang. Next, the new Mustang is now getting Drag
Strip Mode, which Ford claims will provide maximum acceleration and improves straight-line
performance. To quote Ford, “Drag Strip mode is primarily controlled by the transmission
and delivers a significant acceleration boost, eliminating the lost time usually associated
with automatic shifting.”  So it sounds to us like a faster shifting mode for the
automatics. We’re looking forward to more information from Dearborn. If you know how
this “Drag Strip” mode will work, please let us know in the comments. The 2018 Mustang features a new 10 speed automatic
gearbox that has, as they say “wide-ratio span and optimized gear spacing” Closer
gear ratios afforded by the 10 speed, combined with the drag mode – in other words, faster
shifts – would seemingly allow the Mustang to stay in the best parts of its new bigger
torque band much better than the 6 speed that it replaces. Finally the new mustang will have optional
custom-designed Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires to help you put that continual tide of torque
to the tarmac. So it looks as if Ford has put together one
of the most substantial yet understated mid-cycle refreshes we’ve seen in recent years. We
at the Car Truth Report would always prefer to see an automaker go for substance over
style and it looks like that is what we’re going to get with the new Mustang. What do you think? Is the new front end an
improvement, or a step in the wrong direction? How much longer will this golden age of the
muscle car last? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, ring-a-ding-ding
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