2018 Ford F-150 Shelby Super Snake: Test Drive – PickupTrucks.com

If you like your pickup trucks loud and
proud then maybe Shelby performance is where you should head behind me a 2018
f-150 with all the boxes checked let’s take a closer look the key to this beast
is under the hood thanks in large part to a monster whipple supercharger
providing 755 horsepower to this vehicle but Shelby has also created a custom
intake that allows two different places for it to take cold air from also the
transmission software upgrading is amazing very very well tuned and suited
to this new 10-speed transmission whether you’re in sport mode or just
driving around town in economy for the suspension it’s a four inch lifts with
raptor like fox racing shocks underneath to make room for these 35 inch BFG
all-terrain tires and 20-inch shelby wheels but most importantly because
we’ve got 755 horsepower in this vehicle a monster track bar setup here at the
rear axle Shelby hasn’t ignored the interior either a beautiful Shelby Cobra
logo right here on the center console plenty of carbon fiber accents
throughout unique leather seating for this package and also every vehicle gets
its own unique serial number. Now we didn’t get a chance to take this vehicle
offroad but we’re not sure how many people would take this on a serious
off-road trail but what we did get a chance to do is take that 755 horsepower
engine and run it through the Southern California highways and mountain roads
and it is impressive you have this transmission with the multiple select
settings you put it in sport mode and this thing tears it up in fact we’re
very surprised at how well this thing carves through the canyons we loved it
but of course as you would expect it comes at a price as it sits right now
with all the boxes checked as we’ve noted it’s about a hundred and
twenty-five thousand dollars so if you can’t get there don’t climb that
mountain but instead of closing out this video our normal way we’re gonna let
this Shelby truck do it for us