2018 Ford Ecosport Review — Cars.com

Ford is a little late to the subcompact
SUV party with the new EcoSport car that’s actually been available overseas
for some time now despite the not so fresh routes the
EcoSport does have some charm but it comes with drawbacks small and large the
EcoSport does have an upright profile that’s really a distinguishing factor in
this class of cars it actually looks like an SUV it’s not some butch DUP
hatchback which a lot of competitors essentially are that profile it sure is
a nice high seating position certainly doesn’t feel like you’re in a hatchback
here though visibility a little bit of a mixed bag it’s really nice to your sides
where there’s a lot of glass and a clear view straight back thinks your rear head
restraints that look straight down into the seats and completely out of the way
but massive eight pillars in the EcoSport really do create a prominent
obstruction that sort of you’re ten and two o’clock now second row also a bit of
a mixed bag in the EcoSport it’s really nice that the seat sits this high off
the ground adults won’t feel like their knees are uncomfortably elevated which
is a sensation you get in a lot of cars smaller cars subcompact cars especially
but overall nice pace here not that much I’m 6 feet tall that’s where I would sit
to drive as you can see I really just don’t have that much extra clearance
left over now the cargo space leaves a few things to be desired first of all
instead of using a conventional lift gate Ford it uses this swing gate right
here for the EcoSport and if you’ve ever parallel parked in the city you often
don’t have this much space behind the car to actually fully open it and access
stuff for it also puts this right here this is the release it kind of
incorporates it into the tail light sort of an interesting area to put it but
from afar it just looks like you’ve got a broken taillight
now inside the EcoSport does have this nifty cargo divider here it lets you
choose between maximum height behind the second row or a continuous load floor
with the seats folded but to fold those seats down to get the maximum volume you
actually have to flip forward be cushions first and then fold the seat
backs down again kind of an old-school setup now front wheel drive models have
a 1 liter turbocharged EcoBoost three cylinder engine I know EcoBoost in an
eco sport but the latter has a different pronunciation
as well its name came first either way whatever you want to call it there’s
decent power past about 2500 rpm or so but some editors complained about
excessive lag starting out now suspension tuning is generally soft
overall but other editors found excessive shimmying and shaking at
highway speeds and the echo sports wind catching profile means you have to make
a lot of minor steering Corrections kind of stay in a straight line that can be
wearing after a while city speeds are what suit the EcoSport best but city
conditions maybe not so much drop a wheel onto a really uneven section of
pavement and the whole car can rock for a second or two afterwards that’s sort
of inevitable with such a short wheelbase but it’s a major drawback all
the same so a checker driving experience and that swing gate really limit the
EcoSport but as sub compact SUVs go there really aren’t that many standout
choices in the bunch consider the EcoSport if you like the driving
position or the styling or even its intuitive sync 3 multimedia system but
remember all that charm starts to wear thin as soon as you start driving you