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the grocery store soccer practice
IKEA those might be places that you’re more likely to find your typical small
luxury SUV but a drag strip not so much however for any car that wants to call
itself luxury and has to be able to perform it gives you more confidence
when you’re driving on the road merging on on-ramps are passing so we are here
at Great Lakes drag away in Union Grove Wisconsin to see which of our seven
competitors from our 2018 luxury compact SUV challenge can put up and which ones
need to shut up the Alfa Romeo Stovall was our fastest
contender from 0 to 60 and in the quarter-mile and that was no surprise
now what was surprising was just how quick it ran when we compared the data
between the stove EO and the Giulia sedan that Alfa also makes we found of
Estelle vo was just a tenth of a second slower in both acceleration and the
quarter-mile not bad for a small family hauling STD coming in second place was
the Audi q5 which is turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder and it has the
second faster zero to sixty and quarter mile times this is a proven engine how
to use it across its lineup and it provides great acceleration that
outpaces in snow coming in third place was Infiniti qx50 with its brand new 268
horsepower variable compression turbo engine and it might have been noisy but
that noise paid off because it had the third fastest quarter-mile time and the
third fastest serie 265 the redesign 2018 bmw x3 came with BMWs proven
twin-turbo 2 liter 4-cylinder but it was only good enough to give the x3 a
mid-pack finish with finished 4th in both acceleration and our quarter-mile the strengths of the Volvo xc60 are its
interior amenities and its safety features and apparently not as
performance on the track it finished fifth in both acceleration and the
quarter-mile but still managed to post a sub 15 second quarter mile the Cadillac
XTS I’ve had the only v6 in our field but that bigger engine couldn’t redeem
its larger weight and it suffered as a result finishing fifth and acceleration
testing and posting the sixth best quarter-mile time and no surprise
bringing up the rear was the Lexus NX 300 which had the least powerful engine
in our field it finished last in both acceleration in quarter mile there you have it now this was just a
small part of our testing with these SUVs for the full results of our
Challenge photo galleries and other information head over to cars calm you