2018 Buick Regal TourX Review — Cars.com

Buick’s rebirth in recent years has been
powered by the debut of all-new SUVs but the new 2018 Regal TourX gives the
premium brand something different. With standard all-wheel drive, a higher ride
height and extra body cladding it adopts some SUV attributes but remains quite
clearly a wagon. But you know what, that’s ok and it makes the TourX better than
an SUV in certain ways. Here are five of them. One of the things that make SUVs so
popular are the commanding views their high driving positions provide but a
downside of that is difficult entry and exit for shorter drivers. The Regal TourX
rides about a half inch higher than its sibling the Regal Sportback but it’s
still easy to get in and out of. It has a very car-like feel overall though that
does mean you give up that high driving position. The car’s lower ride height
provides similar benefits when it comes to loading or unloading cargo. A low lift
over height means you don’t have to lift heavy luggage as high to get it into the
cargo area so you can give your back a break. The cargo area isn’t that tall
which limits its utility for certain types of things but it’s easy to expand
the space thanks to these switches on the sides that fold the rear backrest
down. Up-level trims include a hands-free power liftgate and Buick thoughtfully
includes a puddle lamp right below the rear bumper to let you know where the
kick sensor is located. What else makes it better?
Well better handling. SUVs have come a long way in recent years as automakers
have put greater emphasis on on-road performance as opposed to off-road
capability but at the end of the day physics won’t be denied. The TourX’s
comparatively low center of gravity contributes to its stable confident
cornering and overall poise and that’s readily evident in everyday driving. Gas
mileage is another plus. All trim levels of the TourX are powered by a
turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder engine that works with an 8-speed
automatic. The combination produces decent epa-estimated gas mileage of 24
miles per gallon combined but that’s better than the 22 miles combined that
the smaller and heavier Buick Envision SUV gets with its available turbo
2-liter engine. Apart from sometimes lazy gas pedal
response in city driving the TourX’s turbo 4-cylinder works well and has good
power reserves at highway speeds. And lastly while I’m not about to tell you
what to think of the TourX’s design, I think it looks pretty good. Low and
sleek it’s as classy as the luxury wagons from brands like Audi and Volvo
and standard features include LED daytime running lights, 18-inch wheels and
this cladding which is one of the more controversial design elements. If you’ve
made it this far I’m guessing the next vehicle in your driveway doesn’t
necessarily have to be an SUV. The Regal TourX isn’t a perfect vehicle by any
means but with this versions as tested price of under $40,000 it packs a lot of
value in the premium wagon class. Subaru has been making a living for years
selling off-road themed wagons with its Outback line. Perhaps Buick can make it
work too.