2018 BMW X2: First Impressions — Cars.com

another year another luxury SUV this
time it’s the x2 a vehicle based on BMWs x1 that does for the brand what the x4
and the x6 do respectively for the x3 and the x5 confused yet we don’t blame
you if car based crossover SUVs are already sort of blurred the lines
between more upright utility vehicles and just straight-up hatchbacks the x2
really kind of lands on the hatchbacks aside it looks like a butchered up
hatchback with some lower cladding here on this car at the Auto Show actually
three inches lower than the x1 which certainly has a more upright profile now
you get around to the rear and the x2 does have a more upright tail than the X
4 and the X 6 so it does seem more distinctive as far as BMWs kind of
in-between SUVs look speaking of distinctive things BMWs logo here an
additional one sits on the C pillar that recalls the 1970s BMW CS coupe or the e9
for all you enthusiasts now despite the more upright rear window visibility
still kind of stinks in the x2 not a lot of glass straight back and giant sea
pillars really limit your over-the-shoulder sight lines beyond
that though pretty much an x1 interior here which gives you a lot to like both
in terms of quality and practicality lots of space to kind of stash things
pretty good materials around you where it counts as sort of more affordable
luxury SUVs go and decent backseat space too now BMW promises quote undiluted
driving fun in the x2 but it shares its front-wheel drive based platform with
the x1 whose nose-heavy balance really does limit a lot of that handling fun so
we’ll have to see how all of that shakes out that said from this car here at the
Auto Show it does appear that the x2 preserves a lot of the ex ones best
characteristics being interior quality and practicality honestly so a lot more
to come closer to the X 2’s on sale late in spring of 2018 stay tuned for more you