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if you’re not used to seeing exorbitantly priced BMWs then $130,000 as tested price of this 2018 m5 may give you heart palpitations but it shouldn’t that’s very similarly priced to competitors in other super sedans like the Mercedes Benz AMG c63 and a super hatchback like the Audi rs7 but still what does $130,000 gets you five and what does it do for that much money when we spend a week driving the m5 to find out the m5 starts at one hundred and four thousand dollars with destination and gas guzzler tax ours just has $25,000 worth of optional equipment one thing you won’t have to pay extra for though is this Marina Bay metallic blue paint and it is a head-turner it’s what made this m5 stand out we got a bunch of thumbs ups and they do nice car and a lot of that is because of this color it has this depth in metallic shine to it in the daylight that I don’t think you’d get the same response if it were silver black or white now for the good stuff the 600 horsepower under the hood of the new m5 and this 600 horsepower is perhaps the most refined way 600 horsepower has ever been delivered it’s smooth its linear and there’s no such thing as turbo lag in this car and with the standard all-wheel drive you have 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds yes it’s smooth and luxurious but there’s there’s still something missing it feels restraint it’s like BMWs at the end of the night and it’s tie is still right up there under its collar it doesn’t really feel like it’s let loose 100% and honestly I think a lot of that has to do with the exhaust something that’s easily changeable after you buy the as its it’s a Porsche Panamera P 63 AMG they have this booming loud exhaust when you change into those optional modes the BMW just doesn’t have that effect and I think it’s where the m5 goes turned up very BMW wish but I think I’d like to have that option just to take it up another notch there are an overwhelming than good ways to control that 600 horsepower there are individual settings for engine throttle sensitivity suspension firmness steering firmness transmission programming stability control and new for 2018 you can even adjust the new all-wheel drive system now that all-wheel drive previous m5 didn’t have it was real wall drive only and the automatic transmission that’s adjustable here well that’s your only transmission choice for 2018 the manual transmission option is gone and honestly I’m glad to see that because that old manual transmission did not improve how the m5 drove it was just the sloppy manual transmission experience and this new automatic is very very good but that all-wheel drive you can choose two-wheel drive all wheel drive or a sport all-wheel drive option so each one of these modes you have three engine options three suspension options three steering options three transmission options three all-wheel drive options multiple stability control system options and exhaust option overwhelming it’s exactly what this is so BMW simplifies that and perhaps the best way out of any of these super sedans and that’s with the m1 and m2 buttons on the steering wheel these are programmable buttons and you can set them up so m1 is strictly comfort this has the softest suspension setting the fishing engine setting the least offensive transmission mode and then all-wheel drive and who can be set up for exactly the opposite so you have aggressive engine the firmest suspension the firm is steering option and two wheel drive which and two wheel drive you have to turn off the stability system and by having it programmed in m2 it’s already done so you have one button for m1 and one for em – and that’s how I drove the m5 in the m1 button how I have it set up and its most relaxed efficient driving this drives like a normal 5 Series it really does it’s very hard to tell there’s 600 horsepower in m2 and with rear-wheel drive it is a completely different vehicle but I’m not totally convinced there’s a big difference between 2 wheel drive and four wheel drive on this car it doesn’t magically take away the weight that the all-wheel drive adds and there’s still a lot of mass on the front end of this car it’s very hard to tell the difference unless you’re driving at the limit so if you have access to a drift pet or on the racetrack I’m sure that two-wheel drive setting will let you get much more squirrelly than with the all-wheel drive but for just tooling around town and taking some curvy roads I didn’t notice a big difference between the 2 wheel drive and the all-wheel drive on this car so where is the extra 25 thousand dollar spent on this car well you’re looking at about 10 thousand of it right here with the optional carbon ceramic brakes that are 8500 and the 706 m wheels and 20-inch summer tires that are $1,300 now these carbon ceramic brakes if you’re spending a lot of time on the racetrack you know get these but if you’re not there squeaky they’re grabby even when they’re hot and I’m not sure that the weight savings rotational mass is really worth it when you’re pulling up to of valet and their brakes are squeaking and you have to explain to everybody who’s sitting outside having a nice meal why you’re very pretty car is making all of these awful noises do people care what carbon ceramic brakes are probably not so it’s an option you probably want to skip on this one if you’re not doing a lot of heavy-duty track driving other packages that rack up the bill on the m5 are not unique to them five at all they’re available on the regular five series that includes the driving assistance plus package for seventeen hundred dollars with active driving assistance plus now if you plan to spend any amount of time in the car on the road just regular commuting or a road trip here and there then consider getting that package it has BMW semi autonomous driving features and while you do have to have your hand on the wheel it’s gonna hold the car in its lane it’s gonna stop and go semi autonomous Lee in traffic and is really just a great assist to have for $4,000 the executive package gives you soft clothes automatic doors rear sunshades front ventilated seats front and rear heated seats four zone climate control front massaging seats parking assistance plus wireless charging Wi-Fi hotspot’ enhanced USB and bluetooth active participants control rear view camera but what’s really gonna impress people in the car out of the executive package is the surround view with 3d view there are numerous cameras around the car and you can have this 360 degree view at ground level what’s around the car it’s useful and it’s one of those gee-whiz features the last two big ticket items on this option sheet are the $3,400 Bowers & Wilkins sound system and the $2,500 M drivers package now it sounds like a package you would want right M drivers package got to give me better steering better tires optional sway bars but there’s no hardware at all the M drivers package is actually a one-day drivers training course through a BMW facility and it raises the top speed from 155 miles an hour to 178 miles an hour honestly I think you can skip that package too for driver training you don’t find a road course around your area that has high performance driving days there are almost always instructors there and they’re probably not more than a few hundred dollars and it’s for the top speed well if you’re going to a local track I don’t think you’re gonna come anywhere near that 155 mile an hour speed limit unless your local track is Circuit of the Americas or Road America so while this BMW has $25,000 worth of options the Bolton puts building standard and it doesn’t need all of those options to be BMWs that a sedan