2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo: First Look — Cars.com

we’ve got a lot of different versions of
the BMW 6-series there’s a coupe which was recently
discontinued there’s still a convertible there’s also a 4-door Grande coupe now
there is a four-door Gran Turismo which is just this sort of hatchback right
here seems like it’s similar to the other versions but actually this is
representative of a full redesign on the 6 Series let’s check it out now the
easiest way to tell this apart from other 6 Series vehicles is that the
headlights here flow directly into BMWs dual kidney grill they kind of sit a
little bit out farther on the ground coupe and the 6 Series Convertible this
is really similar to what you see on the redesigned 5 Series and the redesigned 7
Series you got up here the roofline kind of just peeks very subtly here at the
b-pillar flows all the way down here to the tail with no kind of kinks along the
way it’s a pretty flowing overall kind of design I don’t know though this rear
still kind of seems a little too abrupt for my tastes
wheelbase up about 4 inches versus the 6 Series Gran Coupe now if you’ve been
inside the redesigned 5 Series your 7 Series lately the redesigned 6 Series
should be fairly familiar here kind of similar dashboard layout there’s a 10
and a quarter inch very horizontal display up here tablet-like on top of
the dashboard there’s another display kind of embedded in here to show things
like your climate controls overall plenty of premium materials
three-dimensional stitching with vinyl wrapping on most areas that you’re kind
of arms and your elbows fall this car actually is gonna start around 70 71
thousand dollars a lot less than the 6 Series Gran Coupe and convertible it
will come with one powertrain a 335 horsepower 332 pounds feet of torque
turbocharged six-cylinder engine drives all four wheels through BMW xDrive
all-wheel drive system and an 8-speed automatic transmission it’s on sale
right now so stay tuned for our driving impressions as soon as we can get behind
the wheel you