2018 Audi A8 – INTERIOR

Almost everything on this new A8 is controlled by touchscreen And this is a touchscreen center with a difference if you are a gadget geek like me You’re going to love this when you push and make a selection you hear that positive noise. You actually feel the screen click Everything is swipeable everything is touchable It’s just so organic the whole thing work’s Here I am safely ensconced in the lap of Luxury in the back of the A8 limousine There’s this this will replicate all the functions of the entire car systems Close to hand so you can change the setup of the seats set the position Your phone safe in here on its charger with your phone connected by Bluetooth. You can use it as a telephone as well Hi, yeah, I’ll be home in 10 minutes. See you then another innovation in the Audi A8 the Optionally available interior Fragrance atomizer Experts have combined the finest perfumes to create a special summer fragrance And aversion for Colder days the design combines exclusivity and prestige And the whole led light signature also plays a part here If you specify the relaxation seat you can also benefit not just from the enhanced legroom But at the end of a long and tiring day You can get a massage not just the back But also the feet you’re guaranteed to arrive at the other end feeling a whole lot more relaxed As a result the new Audi A8 achieves an atmosphere of comfort that each person can adapt to their own wishes