2018-2019 F150 Barricade HD Off-Road Front Bumper w/ LED Fog Lights Review & Install

Hey guys, it’s Joe from AmericanTrucks, and
today we’re gonna be taking a closer look at the Barricade HD off-road front bumper
with LED fog lights fitting all ’18 and newer F-150s, excluding the Raptor models. Now, this is gonna be a great option for you
if you’re looking for an awesome aggressive-looking budget-friendly front bumper that is really
tough and packs a lot of features at a reasonable price. So right off the bat here, what is the Barricade
HD made out of? Well, this is 5/32-inch cold rolled steel,
which we’re gonna put this next to the factory bumper in just a second and you’re gonna see
just how much of an improvement in durability this new bumper is gonna be to the front end
of your truck. But suffice to say, that steel plate is going
to be extremely tough and gonna provide the most protection for the front end of your
F-150. Now, it’s finished in that durable two-stage
black powder coating, which is not just there to add to the looks, albeit it does give it
that sort of stealth-fighter front bumper look on your F-150, if you’re going for the
blackout look, this is gonna be a perfect option for you, but that powder coat is also
going to serve as a layer of protection against the elements over top of that steel. Now, I mentioned earlier that this thing definitely
has the looks. I compared it to a stealth bomber which I
think definitely fits the motif here. There’s not a right angle on this thing, except
for where the lights poke through, and that sort of gives it that aggressive military
look that looks so awesome on the front of our Leadfoot gray ’18 F-150. So it’s got the construction, it looks the
part but it’s also designed with off-roading in mind. On the ends here, you can see this tapers
up, which is gonna help improve your approach angle, make it a little bit better when you’re
off-roading, a little bit easier to get a tire over an obstacle you’re trying to go
over with your truck. Now, speaking about utility off-road, this
kit also adds some extra LED lighting for the front of your F-150. What comes in the kit with this, two 5-watt
Cree LED light cubes. They’re 3 inches, polycarbonate lens up front,
very shadow-resistant, aluminum housing at the back, great for cooling. You’re gonna make sure that these last as
long as they should last. They’re completely IP67 waterproof as well,
meaning these can withstand up to a meter of water for half an hour. And most importantly here, completely plug
and play. So you plug these in, completely reversible,
the harness even includes a switch to go right into the cab of your F-150. And all in all, these are gonna come in at
a color temperature of around 6000 K, that’s going to be a very nice bright white leaning
very very slightly toward the blue side, and again, a huge upgrade over factory. Now, as far as the lighting goes, those two
cube lights are all this kit includes but, if you wanted to take it a step further, you
could even pick up a light bar. And you have two choices to mount that, Barricade
gives you both mounting brackets in the kit here, you can either mount it right on top
of the bumper right here or in this section right in the middle here. And if you don’t have one, you could see the
kit includes these nice grilles for you to clean up the looks a little bit and cover
up that space. And if you wanted to take that another step
further, you could even flank that with two cube lights on either side of the light bar. So jumping into features here, this kit does
keep a lot of stuff from the factory front bumper that a lot of other front bumpers out
there on the market do not retain. I’m talking tow hooks, this kit does include
a front plate mounting bracket, we didn’t install that. Depending on where you live, your state either
requires it or not, so you have the choice of running that bracket or not. Nice touch from Barricade there. If your truck is optioned with adaptive cruise
control, Barricade offers, at an additional cost, a relocation bracket to get that to
work with this bumper and other features here that you could also build on this bumper with. Barricade even offers an optional over-rider
hoop which would go right over top over the grille here, and a skid plate for the lower
part to make sure you get the most protection for this truck and it’s going to be designed
specifically to work with this Barricade HD front bumper. And if you really wanted to tie the look together,
obviously, Barricade even offers the matching rear bumper. Now, as far as this front bumper goes, we’re
looking at around 650 bucks, and that’s for everything you see right here and everything
you need to get it installed on your truck, which is one heck of a deal for a bumper like
this one. High-quality construction, the looks are awesome,
fit and finish is there, build quality is really up to snuff with this one. I think it’s a small price to pay. You really are getting a lot for your money
here and definitely well worth. This is one of my favorites on the market
for the newer generation F-150s. The install, not too bad either. Again, like I said, fit and finish is really
on point here so there’s no cutting, no trimming, you get this to fit right out of the box,
this thing bolts up right as you see it with no hassle here. But it is a little bit heavy, and for that
I’m gonna give it an easy or two out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. At most, if you come with the right tools,
I think this will take you about 2 hours. So without any further ado, let me show you
what tools you’ll need and how it’s done. Tools required for this install are going
to include an impact or a ratchet, small extension, 10-millimeter wrench, 21, 13, 10, and 8-millimeter
sockets, a trim panel removal tool, and these two Allen keys for the lights, which do come
included in the kit. So, for this install, we’re gonna have to
loosen up and take off our front bumper here. And for that, we’re gonna need a 21-millimeter
socket and a small extension. We’re gonna loosen up some nuts underneath
of our front bumper and unplug our fog lights to start off. And the nut we’re looking for is just gonna
be toward the outside edge of the frame rail. And again, this guy is a 21-millimeter. Now, we’re just gonna come to the left a little
bit here and we’re just gonna grab our fog light and twist it out. Now we’re just gonna reach up to our fog light. We’re gonna pull the two tabs on the back
of the harness to release it, and then we can pull that wiring harness away. Now we can come over to the other side, do
the same thing. We’re gonna remove that nut, and then unplug
our fog. So now we can attack the hardware from the
front here, and it is hidden behind these plastic pads, they’re held in with some metal
clips, so I’m just going to pry on them with a trim panel removal tool. You can also use a flat-head screwdriver here,
just be careful of the paint on your truck, maybe wrap it in some electrical tape, something
like that. But with that said, I’m just gonna take the
trim tool, get underneath, give that a good pry. It should pop right off. Now I’m gonna come over here, do the same
thing for the other side. This corner right here is a good place to
pry as well, it’s kind of got a notch cut out of it that’s perfect to get underneath
of. Now we’re gonna remove those four nuts, two
on each side, and again, 21-millimeter socket here. And as you’re doing this last one here, that’s
the last thing holding on your bumper, so put a knee on it, and then you can remove
that as well and pull the bumper away. So before we drop our new bumper onto our
F-150 here, a couple of things we need to take care of first, that’s mainly our mounting
brackets. And what we’re gonna start with here, our
LED lighting situation. Now, this kit does come with cube lights for
the outside, we’re gonna drop those in in just a second. What we’re gonna start with is this area right
in the middle here, this is for a light bar, if you have one, brackets are included. However, no light bar comes in with this kit,
what we’re gonna do in this case is put in these filler plates right here, these are
gonna secure with the button head bolts and 10-millimeter flange nuts in the kit. So one thing I am doing here is, just in case
you can see through this grate, I’m gonna make sure the button heads of the bolts are
on top, just clean up the look a little bit. Now, once we get them in place, we can come
in with the Allen key that’s included in the kit, as well as a 10-millimeter wrench, and
we could tighten these down. And there are plenty of these for you to do. Now we’re also going to drop these smaller
filler plates in on the sides. And again, this is just for some more optional
LED lighting and just to clean up the looks. We’re just gonna hit the same thing on the
other side as well. So now we have the light bar portion finished
up, we’re gonna work on the cube lights that come in this kit. This isn’t too bad to do, what we’re gonna
do here is just take our mounting bracket, you can see this has a little notch cut out
of it, you wanna make sure that is going to be facing forward because this light is gonna
be hanging down, that’s gonna basically give you the most movement up and down out of this
light. Now, how this works is we’re gonna put it
in between the fins, like so, and then what we’re gonna do is grab one of the nuts in
the kit and we’re just gonna drop that down. And that gets caught by the fins, there’s
a little notch cut out of that in a hexagon. Then we can come in with the bolt from the
side and that is going to thread right in. And then, same thing goes on the other side,
we’re just gonna drop that nut down there and then come in with the bolt. And get that started. Then we can use the Allen key that comes included
with these lights, snug up our bracket. That is one done and ready to go on the truck,
we’re just gonna do the same thing for the other side as well. So again, we’re just gonna put our bracket
down and we’re gonna slide the nut down the bracket and into the fin that’s cut out for
it and that’s gonna hold it still. We can come in with the bolt. And that is looking pretty good. Just gonna flip this around, do the same thing. So next we’re going to install our LED lights
to the outside. And if you don’t want them, the kit still
includes these filler plates which you can fill those holes with, but you bought the
kit with LED lights so, in this case, we are gonna install them. Now, they’re gonna sit right like that and,
in order to do this, we’re gonna take these bolts that come in with the lights and we’re
just gonna feed them through our mounting bracket, and then up through the mounting
point. And the bracket on our light is actually gonna
hold that bolt head still for us while we thread on our 13-millimeter nut. So now we’re just gonna line that up and tighten
it down with our 13-millimeter socket. So we’re also gonna do the same exact thing
on the other side as well. Just gonna drop that in a little crooked for
now, put it on our lock washer, 13-mil nut. And then again, we can tighten it down with
our socket right after we get it nice and lined up where we want it to be. So now our bumper is almost there, we just
wanna steal these mounting brackets as well. This hardware, this bolt plate right here
came off of our F-150, we’re just going to install it onto our new bumper as well. This is going to make getting onto our truck
a lot easier, especially with these plastic washers which they’re gonna hold it still
while we get this lined up with the frame rail. So the bolt plate installs there, and then
this guy right here, this bolt with this flange on the head, is going to come to the side
here and basically get the same treatment. Same exact thing goes for the other side as
well. So our new Barricade bumper is pretty much
ready to be installed on our F-150 over here. But before we do, I figured now would be the
perfect time to set it down on the floor next to our old factory bumper, point out some
of the differences and the key improvements that our new Barricade is going to be making
for our truck. Now, the first and most obvious, it’s gonna
come in the looks department. We’re ditching this factory bumper that’s
body-colored, it’s got a lot of plastic on it for some awesome steel construction and
the black powder coating on there. That thing is gonna look great on our Leadfoot
gray ’18 F-150 and it’s gonna kind of give it that aggressive stealth-fighter sort of
look to it, I really like the angles that that Barricade has going on. I think it’s gonna be a great piece for the
front of our F-150. So you probably agree with me, if you’re watching
this video, you probably like the looks of the Barricade over here. But does it have the construction to back
it up? Well, first of all, the whole thing is 5/32-inch
steel plate which is definitely gonna be an upgrade in terms of durability over our factory
bumper, but it’s also designed with off-roading and putting this thing to the test in mind. Now, what I mean by that is our Barricade
here tapers up the ends, right, and that’s for something called approach angle. Now, you want as much approach angle as you
can get when you’re doing some off-roading, basically that is going to allow you to get
your front tires up on an obstacle easier when you’re crawling over it. Right? Our F-150 front bumper over here from the
factory does not have a lot. If you look at the corners, we got that air
dam along the bottom, that basically makes this thing one big rectangle, not exactly
what you want for off-roading. So our Barricade is gonna be better in that
regard as well. So with that said, I figured next we could
speak about some utility here, starting with one of the biggest ones, those LED fog lights,
again, improving the looks drastically over our factory fog lights. These are reflector-style housings, little
bit old-school out of the ’18 F-150. Those LEDs are gonna help improve the looks,
gonna throw out more light, they’re gonna be that bright white color rather than this,
which is kind of white with a little bit of yellow mixed in. So overall improvement in the looks, you’re
getting more light out of the front of your truck so the utility goes up as well. Now, speaking about utility, one thing I really
like about the Barricade, how many features it keeps from the factory front bumper. Now, just to run through the list here, you’re
keeping your tow hooks. If your state requires the use of a front
plate, there is a bracket included, we didn’t install it but it is there if you need it. And also, if your truck is optioned with adaptive
cruise control, there’s a relocation bracket that is not included in this kit but you can
pick it up on our website as well and that will allow you to keep that feature on your
F-150 with this new Barricade bumper. Now, a couple of features that you are gaining
that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do with the factory bumper, skid plate-specific
for this bumper, that is out there, however, not included in the kit. Over-rider hoop, again, an optional extra,
it is out there, not included with this kit but, if you wanted to build on it, those options
are out there for you. And lastly and most obviously, the light bar
here, you can mount that either in or on top of that Barricade bumper, both of the brackets
are included in the kit if you wanted to run that, but again, no light bar included in
the kit from Barricade. So without any further ado, we already have
everything pretty much installed on our Barricade, we installed our mounting brackets, those
bolt plates, we’re ready to go. All we’re gonna do is drop this onto the frame
rails on our truck and secure it with the 21-millimeter nuts. Okay. So our bumper’s started, I’m just gonna reach
up underneath and get a couple of nuts on there just to keep it from falling on us. And then, we’ll get the rest of the hardware
in place and tighten it down. So now, we’re just gonna put the rest of the
hardware on. We got the truck back in the air. So now, we’re just going to align our bumper
and tighten down this hardware. These ones at the top, I’m not gonna lie,
they’re pretty tough to get to. So if you got a short 21, you might be able
to get it with the impact gun but, in our case, I’m just gonna use the 1/2-inch drive
ratchet and tighten these down. So now we’re gonna jump over and do the same
exact thing for the other side as well. Now, we do have a little bit more room for
this last inside nut here so we’re gonna jump back to the impact for that. So before we call this one a wrap, we do need
to do some wiring. This is gonna be the plug-and-play harness
for our fog lights, this is gonna be real, real easy. You can see these two contacts right here,
these are gonna go onto our battery terminals. Obviously, this is a relay, we’re gonna mount
this up somewhere in our engine bay here. This has a switch which we need to get into
the cabin of our truck, and then these two plugs right here are gonna feed down to our
fog lights. So we’re gonna start with the contacts here,
we’re gonna loosen up these battery terminals with a 10-millimeter socket, put those underneath,
and then reinstall. So we’re gonna remove that nut from our negative
terminal, and then put our contact down on top. And then we can reinstall. So we’re gonna come over to the positive terminal
here, we’re gonna do pretty much the same exact thing. Gonna remove that nut, slide our contact down,
and reinstall. Now, if this does spin on you more than it
should be, all you have to do is grab the trim panel tool and, if you press up on this,
that bolt should hold still for you. But you wanna make sure the contact on the
actual post on the battery here does stay all the way down. Next, we’re going to install our relay under
this ground right here. Now, this doesn’t have to be installed to
a ground but, usually, that’s a really easy spot to install to, so that’s where we’re
gonna go. We’re just gonna remove that bolt with an
8-millimeter socket, and then feed it through our relay. And I’m just gonna make sure that’s nice and
tucked away from any moving parts here, and tighten back down. So now we have a couple more wires here, these
plugs for our fogs and this switch, we’re gonna feed our plugs for the fogs all the
way down right in front of our battery. This is a good spot for them that I find and
our switch is just gonna go all the way across the firewall over to the driver side. So now for our switch we’re just gonna feed
this across the firewall, like I said earlier. Now, behind the air box here, past all this
electrical stuff, you’re gonna find this rubber grommet for the harness that goes into the
cabin. I’m just gonna push that in, then feed our
switch through, and then pull it back out to lock it in place. Okay, so actually I’m gonna pull it toward
me and that pops it open a little bit easier and then in goes the switch. And I’m just gonna pull that through from
the other side and lock in our grommet. So now we can reach in the footwell and pull
our switch through. This does have some adhesive on the back so
you can mount this wherever you want to. Gonna peel that away. Now we’re gonna mount that up at the plastic
that doesn’t have the texture on it, that’s going to ensure that this sticks as best as
it can. And then, we can reach up underneath and I’m
just gonna pull on that harness to reseat that grommet. So now, all we have to do is plug our fog
lights into the harness and wire manage our cables. Now, guys, that is gonna do it for my review
and install of the Barricade HD off-road front bumper with LED fog lights fitting all ’18
and newer F-150s, excluding the Raptor models. Thank you guys for watching. Subscribe for more videos like this one, keep
it right here at AmericanTrucks for all things F-150.