2017 Chevrolet Trax Review — Cars.com

the Chevrolet Trax is updated for 2017
and it really needed it the 2015 version finished dead last in cars comes
subcompact SUV comparison but for 2017 there is some newness that might help it
finish better in our next comparison there are some hits on this one there
are also some misses the most notable change is going to be on the outside
where the front end is significantly restyled the 2015 and 2016 model looked
way outdated and that’s because really it was that model was on sale globally
way before we ever got it here in the US so it came to us and it came to
dealerships already looking a few years old because it was well the 2017 model
has a much cleaner more sophisticated look that looks a lot like other
Chevrolet vehicles newer Chevrolet vehicles and on this premier model we’re
testing there’s an LED strip on the headlights that is a feature commonly
seen in more expensive vehicles and adds a nice little touch to this subcompact
SUV what we most like inside the Trax is its new multimedia system it has
standard apple carplay and android auto and the biggest advantage to those two
features is navigation it uses your phone’s native navigation to display
directions right on this touchscreen there’s also multiple USB ports there
are two and then in the back of this premier trim level you have a household
AC outlet another mobile-friendly feature in the Trax is the 4G LTE
cellular connection and that is a subscription-based service but they give
you a free trial at first that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in the car also on the
inside is this redesigned dashboard and it’s a little more upscale than the old
one on mid and upper trim levels you have this new kind of – accent with some
contra stitching and then also these chrome
white pieces around the climate controls overall it adds just a touch more
upscale feeling to be inside of the tracks where I think Chevrolet missed
the mark on the redesign is also on the inside here there are fewer storage
areas compared with the old tracks so you lose the top storage compartment
you lose the upper glovebox storage compartment and then you also there are
these two little storage cubbies on the side of the center console that are also
gone actually I don’t mind those being gone they were so small they didn’t have
much of a use but still those others are notable storage options that you don’t
have anymore there is a storage compartment underneath the front
passenger seat that’s pretty sizable although on ours it is clunky and hard
to open and close the new gauge cluster is fine but it lacks the uniqueness and
style that the old one had and in a vehicle that’s already kind of just not
really that interesting it lost some of its individuality with the previous
instrument cluster gage pot which I thought was super cool it had a digital
speedometer and an analogue tachometer that was styled after a motorcycle gauge
pod and it was just super cool in a car that otherwise was super not very cool
so the new one has just the basic tech emitter speedometer and the new gauge
cluster is just a little more boring in a car that’s already kind of boring the
2017 Trax has more available advanced safety features but it’s still not all
the way there there’s forward collision warning but
there’s no automatic emergency braking component and while that sounds like a
high-end luxury feature it’s not competitors have a forward collision
warning system with automatic emergency braking that it’s going to detect a
collision and in certain circumstances brake for you the tracks however is just
gonna let you know that there’s a collision coming but it’s not gonna
break for you despite its misses the 2017 does hit on
a few good areas and it is a notable improvement over the 2016 but this class
as a whole continues to grow and change with new additions like the Ford
EcoSport the Subaru Crosstrek and the Nissan Rogue Sport and how does this
compare to those well we’ll find out as we test the entire segment in 2018 you