2015-2017 F150 Raxiom Chrome Projector Headlights Review & Install

Hey guys, it’s Sara with americantrucks.com. And today we have a review and install of
the Raxiom Chrome Projector Headlights fitting your ’15 through ’17 Ford F-150s with halogen
headlights. So this is gonna be good for the F-150 owner
who’s looking to upgrade their factory headlights to a projector-style headlight and is looking
for some of the styling on the higher-end model headlights with the LED accent bar on
the side. These Projector Headlights feature amber reflectors
as well as daytime running light accent bars that mimic the styling on some of the higher-end
F-150 models like the Platinum. These headlights feature enhanced brightness
over OEM for better visibility and include H7 high and low beam bulbs. They also feature clear lenses with chrome
housings and are DOT and SAE compliant. So as far as price goes, these come in at
about $650 which are low to mid-range price-wise when compared to other headlights. They’re definitely gonna be an upgrade over
OEM and they’re still gonna get you that nice light bar accent feature while saving you
some money over more expensive options which also have the same features. For install, I’m giving this a one out of
three wrenches on the difficulty meter. These install is super easy, there’s absolutely
no wiring required, they’re just plug-and-play, and they can be done within one hour. So with that said, let’s jump right into our
install. For this install, you will need an impact
gun or you can use a ratchet, a small extension, 10-millimeter socket, 7-millimeter socket,
and a pop clip removal tool. All right, so the first step in our install
with the hood pop is to remove the pop clip holding on your trim piece right on the inside
of the headlight. With your pop clip removal tool, let’s get
this out. Next up, in the wheel well area remove the
two 7-millimeter bolts holding on the trim piece below the headlight. Next up, grab the very top part and pull. That should release the clips that are holding
this piece in. Next up, we’re gonna remove the two 10-millimeter
bolts holding in the top of our headlight. Grab a 10-millimeter socket, let’s get these
out. All right, next we’re gonna remove this plastic
piece on the bottom here. This is just a bunch of 10-millimeter bolts
and it’s just gonna make it a little easier to get the headlight out. Let’s grab your 10-millimeter socket and you
may want a small extension and remove these. There’s two here that hold the headlight in
physically as well. With the bolts removed grab the trim piece
and remove it. At this point the headlight should be free,
so grab it and remove it straight outwards. Remove all the connectors. So
we have our new headlight here, we’re gonna plug back in all of the connectors, starting
with the tan one. This one just has a little bit different orientation
than your stock headlight, so keep that in mind. Next up, the black connector, this one also
is in a slightly different position than factory. Just line up the tabs on either side and you
should be good. And finally the black connector on top, this
is the smallest one. Now we can get the headlight installed on
the truck. We wanna line up the dowel that’s up here
and also there is a plastic one down the bottom. We’re gonna start with the top one, just try
to aim it back to that corner as best we can, and it should fall into place. There we go. All right, now we’re gonna install the top
two bolts just loosely so that will hold the headlight in place so we can get the rest
of the hardware lined up. Next up, grab this plastic trim piece and
get it lined up. Line up the hardware through the trim piece. We’re just gonna loosely install it for now
and come back and tighten them. Line up the front bolts and get them threaded
in. Grab your 10-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. Finally, tighten down the last two 10-millimeter
bolts holding in the top of your headlight. At this point you can reinstall your trim
piece, starting with the bottom and the side section. With the trim piece lined up, reinstall the
pop clip near the headlight and reinstall the two seven millimeter bolts in the wheel
well. All right, so now that our Raxiom headlight
is installed on our truck we can see it side by side with the factory headlight. Now the biggest difference here is that our
Raxiom headlight features a projector lens where our factory headlight has a reflector
lens. And now this means the projector lens features
a more concentrated beam of light where the factory lens, sort of, just spreads the light
out. Next up, is the LED accent bars which are
really nice, are reminiscent of some of the higher-end model F-150s. I think it gives it a little something extra
and this definitely makes it stand out from your factory headlight. All right, so now that we checked these out,
let’s finish up our install. All right, so that’s gonna do it for the review
and install of these Raxiom headlights. Remember for all things F-150, keep it at