1K VS 2K Primer – Which is Better? DIY Auto Body and Paint Q&A

– Is 1K primer better or 2K primer? (tires screeching) (crash)
(explosion) Hey, Donnie Smith here and welcome back to another Q & A. The video is where I answer
some of your questions that you have on my YouTube channel and I respond to them on these videos. And the question I have, which
is an excellent question, is about 1K and 2K primers. So Clinton Snow asks, “Hi, Donnie. “I have an important question for you. “What primer is better, 1K or 2K? “Can you please explain
with more details?” And like I said, that is an excellent question because there are so many people confused about primers and what’s better, 1K, 2K. So first, let’s talk about what are 1K and 2K primers? Well all that means is
how many components. For example, I used to use a lot of lacquer before we had all the 2K primers. It’s all we had. You have your lacquer thinner, your lacquer primer, and then all you need to do is reduce that so that you can spray it. So it takes a thinner. That is two products, but the thinner does not count as a component. Now 2K has an extra component. It has your primer, and then it has a component which is hardener, catalyst, activator. It’s basically something that’s going to interact with that
primer and it’s going to have a chemical change. And then it may or may not. It may take a reducer to help make it more sprayable as well. But to answer this real quick, hands down 2K is much better. I prefer 2K. Like I said, I’ve used a lot of the others ’cause that’s all we had and it provided some very good
results for many years. But there was some
problems we had with it. Shrinkage was a lot bigger problem where some of the primer, the solvents out of it evaporate. So you can have more shrinkage. You may have to prime and block one or two more times than we do with the primers we have today. I mean a lot of these 2Ks, prime it one time, block it out, and you’re ready for paint. Used to have to block everything at least two or three times with the lacquer primer. So, there’s another disadvantage. And I also remember a problem that we had and this is with the body filler. We used to have red cream hardener that we’d put in the body filler, and something about the red hardener would bleed through that primer, that lacquer primer, and sometimes you’d get like a stain that kind of surfaced. It wasn’t real noticeable, but you could can kind of see a stain on the finished product. So everybody quite using the red hardener, and that pretty much cured that problem. But yeah, 2K much better, but it is going to be more expensive. And I don’t know everyone circumstances. I don’t know, you’re in your garage, do you have spray equipment, you’re using aerosols. ‘Cause most of your aerosols are going to be 1K products. Now there are some exceptions to that. Like Eastwood I know has came out with some 2K epoxies and primer servicer. And the way that works, it comes in a spray can, but you pop the bottom, it breaks a seal in there, and then the two components
can mix together. And that works well too if
you’re just using aerosols, but it’s going to be more expensive. 2K is more expensive than 1K. So I guess to answer your question, 2K, it’s better. I mean it’s way more
advanced than the 1Ks were. But like I said, we’ve
used 1K for years and years and had some awesome results with it. Your budget. That may help you determine which one that you want to use as well because the 2K is going to be a little bit more expensive than the 1K. The spray equipment you
have, your environment, and all that may help you determine if 1K or 2K is better for you. So 1K is cheaper. May be a little bit more work. 2K is going to be a little more expensive, but it’s going to be a better product. Well Clinton, I hope this helps answer your questions and if not, leave a comment below
and I’ll try to get back with you or there’s
others on here as well. A lot of wisdom and knowledge on YouTube. They may help answer it as well. So if you feel like you’ve
got a better answer, by all means put a comment down below. Well Clinton, I really appreciate
you asking this question. Great question. A lot of confusion out there about this. Thanks for watching the videos, and everybody out there on YouTube really appreciate you. Have any questions or comments, leave ’em below. Thanks again for watching this video. I hope you all have a great day and we’ll see you in the next video.