12 Dirtiest Car Detailing Tips You NEED To Know When Detailing Your Car!

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today’s video is a special one because I’m gonna be sharing with you 12 Tips To Instantly Up Your Car Detailing Game that you need to know to make your car look amazing
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let’s roll right into the first tip so the first tip I have for you today is if
you have a pet and you have that stubborn dog cat whatever hair stuck
inside your seats in your carpet and you can never get it all out look at picking
up a Puma stone or a squeegee it’ll help you out tenfold with getting it all out
that much easier tip number two where eye protection gloves wear a respirator
wear protection I can’t say that enough wear protection guys because when you’re
detailing all of the different substances and the things that you can
touch that you’ve seen in my videos if you didn’t wear a hand protection all of
that’s gonna get absorbed into your skin and nobody wants that and heavens forbid
some of that splashes into your eyes and you breathe it in and just wear
protection that’s all I got to say tip number three when you’re cleaning your
windows definitely use two microfiber towels one to do the initial scrub the
second one to wipe off the streaks but never forget the top of your windows so
after you do the initial clean roll that window down just a little bit so that
way you can clean a top edge so that way the next time you roll that window down
you don’t look at that one spot and cry a little you don’t want to do that so
for tip number four I’m gonna be sharing with you guys the 303 touchless sealant
this stuff is one of those spray-on rinse off type sealants that definitely
makes your car shine but the best part is how easy it is to use all you got to
do is make sure when you’re washing your car get everything cleaned up get all
that dirt and grime off the car and then when you’re done instead of drying the
car off after you’ve rinsed off all the soap just leave a dripping wet lightly
spray on your touchless sealant from 303 and then rinse it off and then you just
go through your drying process that’s all it is – it literally is a game
changer for me especially when it comes to some of these details that I do you
want to get the job done fast if you guys know my videos I spend a lot of
time on the extraction and everything on the interior with some of these cars and
the exterior you just don’t have the time to spend waxing the car and
spending all this time on some of these high prep processes the best part is
about the 303 touches sealant is that last two times longer than wax
saves both time and money it can be used on clear coat plastics glass fiberglass
windshields wheels you name it anything on the exterior of your car can be
coated in this stuff the best part is water will literally beat off of every
surface that you spray it on and the whole entire outside of your car can be
coated in one single product and it goes on super super easy like I mentioned a
little goes a long way so one 16-ounce bottle could typically cover one to two
like pick-up truck SUV sized vehicles and then usually three to four cars in a
single bottle my recommendation from using it is definitely do one section at
a time so do like half of your hood lightly spray it on rinse it off and
then you can go on to the next section and that’s all there is to it the stuff
works incredibly well at bead and water as you guys can see in these shots here
on this Land Rover it turned out amazing and it gives it that really really deep
shine and we all know and love the deep wet shine that you can get from that
perfect wax or sealant and this product definitely gives you that and an
affordable price and saving you a ton of time in the process tip number five one
of the biggest questions I get is where did I get all of these different tools I
can’t afford these tools are so expensive for an extractor
yada-yada-yada and that is true they are expensive but
what I can recommend is go to like Facebook marketplace go to Craigslist go
buy used you can pick up some of these tools for nearly nothing compared to
what they cost new like the tiny little vacuum extractor thing that I used in
some of my videos early on I picked it up for 10 bucks used and you can do the
same thing for all your pressure washers your shop vacuums any tools that you see
in these videos you don’t have to necessarily buy new just remember that
used is okay just make sure it works before you leave and you’re good to go
specially if you’re a hobbyist you’re not going to use these tools every
single day like a commercial full time detailer would if you can buy used by
used save yourself some money and get the job done
tip number six this is something that you’ve never seen me do in my videos but
I’ve mentioned it before is sometimes you can’t get everything extracted from
the carpets the good news is there’s a lot of companies out there that make
OAM fit carpets that you can simply pull out and replace granted it’s a laborious
process it’s not too bad but it takes some time but if you truly had something
that you couldn’t get out or it was just so stinky and smelly you can replace
your carpets and actually an affordable price if you have carpets like roach
motel or goat motel like you’ve seen in some of my videos definitely consider
the replacement part of it instead of spending a ton of time extracting
especially if it’s that far gone tip number seven bust out those detailing
brushes pick up a set they definitely come in handy and definitely a tool that
I use in every single one of my videos whether it’s on the air vents the
different buttons or switches or the leather seats you name it detailing
brushes are definitely something I recommend adding to your arsenal as a
staple tool you use in your details tip number eight use a bristle brush or a
bristle brush attachment to your vacuum to get some of that dirt that’s stuck on
like your gas pedals or stuck on like the bolts or in the edges of the door
panels or along the seams where the carpet matches the door sill you have a
lot of dirt that can get stuck in those spots and if you have a brush while
you’re doing it initially it helps get that removed and that out of the vehicle
so that way you don’t have to do it later on
so for tip number nine use two bucket method which I’ve talked about before
the main goal is you’re trying to keep your dirty water after you’ve washed a
panel in one bucket before you don’t get in your fresh water so that way you
don’t possibly contaminate and scratch your paint tip number ten use the force
bus out that pressure washer and if you need to utilize it on your floor mats
because floor mats don’t have a ton of carpet or absorbable material so if you
have to blast it with your pressure washer to get that extra dirt out
initially before you use your drill brush or use your extractor use your
pressure washer it is definitely a tool that I recommend everybody have because
you can also use it when you wash your car in the exterior with a foam cannon
or just washing your car in general it’s a versatile tool and you can even use it
on your house afterwards that’s the best part about that tool in a carpet
extractor you can use it around your house especially if you have kids or
dogs or pets it’s definitely going to come in handy after you’ve cleaned your
interior of your car use an interior protectant that is a matte finish and I
say use a matte finish because some of the vinyl protectants that are greasy
and super shiny you have to worry about glare at night time reflecting and kind
of causing some vision issues and it gets sticky and a try
I prefer the matte-finish ones because it makes it look the most OEM and the
cleanest look and plus it just looks better in my opinion so maybe it’s
perception of which one you guys like the most but for me personally I would
rather not have a sticky oily dashboard and definitely don’t use olive oil I saw
that as a tip on a video once and don’t don’t use that get a specific vinyl
protectant spray especially one with a UV protectant that will keep your
interior from discoloring or cracking your power of smoke yes use the power of
steam I say that again use the power of steam because sometimes in certain cases
you have something that just won’t come out steam usually can get the job done
especially if you’re working around your door panels or you’re working in the
door frames that are really hard to get your tools into steam can usually get
the job done it can help get crayon off a plastic panels on your interior if you
have gum or anything at on your carpets or anything caked in your carpets that’s
solidified steam can loosen it up melts it essentially so that way you can wipe
it away very very easily and that is it guys that’s my 12 tips and tricks that I
have for detailing that I wanted to share with you guys today if you like
them let me know in the comments below which one was your absolute favorite and
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