10 LARGEST Vehicles on Earth ✅

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better and stronger will never end for now we are going to list some of the
coolest and largest vehicles which really exist on this planet, so sit back
relax and enjoy the video. number 10 SR-N4 without a doubt this is one of the most
curious and fantastic hovercraft ships which is capable of moving on land as
well as in water this amazing hovercraft has amazed the media industry at the
first time of its release which is built by British hovercraft corporation at the
significant improvement this crazy ship became capable of transporting 400
passengers and 60 cars the SRN4 is mountbatten class and the largest
hovercraft built to this day it carries four of the world’s largest durable
propellers which are situated on the roof they are powered by rolls-royce
Proteus engines each driving its own lift fan and individually it is burning
tons of fuel per hour its average speed is 85 point seven miles per hour
the other largest ever hovercraft is Zubr class air-cushioned landing craft
which is used as a modern military vessel it’s 57 meters long and capable
of carrying 555 tonnes of load it was designed in the 1980s by Soviet regime
to take over American LCAC hovercrafts what would happen if a train got tire
wheels to run on the road instead of a railway track yeah it is a longest bus
known as the auto tram extra grand with it’s crazy length of more than 30
metres this can be a great solution to reduce crowds and public transportation
you can enjoy this ride with more than 250 people on the bus this mini train is
capable of taking turns precisely on roads and both back compartments
accurately follow the engine of this bus it looks similar to an anaconda this
bust is entirely electric with the great mission of protecting nature and to
reduce the travelling cost per person guys do you want to ride on the bus? I do
Too number 8 MIL MI 26 this is the heaviest helicopter on the planet it is
the largest and most powerful helicopter to have gone into series production by
the Soviet Union which is operated by both military and civilian use it has
eight main lift rotor blades which are capable of flight in the event of power
loss in one engine thanks to its 11 horsepower engines the me 26 still holds
the world record for lifting very heavy objects which are even difficult to
imagine and it is capable of carrying up to 82 fully armored troopers or up to 20
tons of cargo inside even though this helicopter is as tall as a three-story
building it is surprisingly capable of reaching top speeds of up to 187
miles per hour number 7 if you are a bike lover then you probably want to
know about the largest bike on the planet recently Italy’s Fabio Raggiani
got his respected place in the Guinness Book of World Records from making the
world’s largest fully functional motorcycle which was first introduced at
motorbike Expo 2012 this beast is powered by a 5.7 v8 Chevrolet 280
horsepower engine it’s 5 metres tall even taller than trucks and buses which
weigh 5.5 tons it successfully completed its test ride of 100 meters during the
world record it is indeed a perfect combination of balancing design and high
speed guys I think this bike is designed for Hulk because he is tired so much of
jumping number 6 the GHAN this is a legendary and world’s
largest train that runs in Australia from north to south this is the longest
passenger train which has its initial length of 600 meters and be extended up
to a few kilometers long generally it consists of four to four wagons and many
of them are luxurious restaurants and lounges this luxurious train offers much
more than that if you want to enjoy the pleasures of this luxurious train then
you should probably have two thousand dollars at the ready in your pocket for
an affordable ticket it is sure that you will get great peace of mind inside number five the longest limo the legendary custom car builders designers
collector Jay Orberg is famous for many successful car creations in Hollywood
you probably know his work from the sci-fi vehicle and back to the future
and the coolly designed Batmobile nevertheless he has a collection of his
fantastic and imagine of design limousines
to show the world how to merge science and art together his longest car is
called the American Dream and is certified in the Guinness Book of World
Records as the world’s longest car it’s length is more than 30 metres long and
it has a total of 26 wheels it can drive from both ends and surprisingly it has a
helipad for a mini helicopter the jacuzzi several luxury rooms and two
separate drivers cabins unfortunately it has very low speeds and it doesn’t have
legal permission to drive on the roads number forms dodge Power Wagon this is
the biggest truck on this planet nowadays no one gets surprised to know
how Arabs are spending their money on crazy things but this is an exceptional
case go big or go home is a phrase that seems to be invented by the eccentric
oil Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan also known affectionately as the rainbow Sheikh of
colouring seven individual Mercedes in rainbow colors even his name is visible
on the satellite map this is the world’s largest truck a replica of the classic
Dodge power wagon about eight times the original size and has four bedrooms
inside the cabin it weighs more than 50 tons I’m sure that you have never seen a
big truck like this one it takes the body of a 1950s Dodge Power Wagon and
every part of this machine is built to a scale of amazing 50 times the size of
the normal truck number3 airbus a380 the airbus a380 is the largest passenger
plane in the world its height is almost similar to eight floors of a building
and it’s almost as long as one football field which costs approximately five
hundred million dollars it can be configured to accommodate up to 850
passengers inside you can find a lot of aesthetic LED visual decorations and
luxury facilities like gyms bars and even casinos it is said that the
previous models that were built at the beginning of the century were sold into
a secondhand market and sold as luxury private jets for billionaires number 2 NASA crawler transport this is the largest entirely self powered land
vehicle on this planet built in 1965 and formally known as the missile crawler
transport facilities these are a pair of tracked vehicles used to transport
spacecraft from NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building to launch platform the total
expenditure is 28 million dollars to construct it it is 40 meters long 35
metres wide and almost weighs 3,000 tons thanks to 30 powerful engines it is
capable of moving with 8,000 tons of load smoothly with supervision and
cooperative support of 30 skilled people it has laser guided leveling systems for
better stability during operations until now these are used for spacecraft
transportation and have very few upgrades no other substitute has been
built for this yet number one harmony of the Seas more than
350 meters in length and 60 metres wide this is the largest passenger ship ever
built its length is 50 meters more than the Eiffel Tower and it has plenty of
luxury cabins that can accommodate 9,000 people it has 2,000 workers from 77
countries who are responsible for maintaining regular activities this huge
ship has a weight of up to 120,000 tons and it was inaugurated in 2016 three
years after its construction if you want to spend your time on this boat for 17
days it will cost you more than $1,000 but it is sure that you will never be
disappointed or feel bored inside because it has a lot of things to see
and enjoy this ship is divided into several compartments you can find
attractive water slides for fun a park with more than 10,000 trees a very large
ice rink some fantastic restaurants with sci-fi robot waiters and collections of
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