🧢Limpiar motor 🚘 auto con GLICERINA….WOW!!!!

Welcome to the new video of … That,I’ll fix it dad, this time we are going to clean the engine of this car and we will leave it as new.
Notice how the engine is, it is ok but it’s pretty dirty,
interesting thing about this, is that, with the clean engine is better for
the operation, because leaks are seen oil … if there is any clamp
loose … and then for maintenance it’s quite important, since then
you can control connections and that everything is correct. You will see the change when it is finished. The first thing I’m going to do is give you
the compressed air compressor since, I have and and it facilitates me a lot
work, in case you do not have … well then in any
Gas station with the inflating compressor the wheels you can give a little and
Take away the fatter. In the second step with a brush I’ll
giving all the pieces to lift the dirt, which is
punch and the compressor has not been able to remove I give it a quick pass with the
compressed air to remove the dust that the brush has moved … Well and here’s the
point, for me more important of this video which is the soap theme,
what I do is spray the engine with this soap.
It’s a glycerin soap, which already use in a previous video to clean
tires … and it’s a soap that nourishes pretty, dry pretty fast and good
it gives a pretty pretty vivid color to all the plastic. You should try not to spray quantities
large soap on connections electric, starter or battery
agreement, only that is the precaution what do you have to have … and here you have the result
the truth that has been quite good. Good dads and moms see you in the
next video and remember that every Friday one more.