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miss anything fly ride the fly ride is a fun water
vehicle designed by French company Zapata to be an innovative addition to
the water vehicle market some like other water vehicles however the fly ride can
literally fly thanks to its elegant design operating the fly ride is as
simple as riding a bicycle a motorcycle or a jet ski and one of its most
remarkable features are the built in sensors which maintain the balance of
the vehicle regardless of the skill of the ride this makes the fly ride extremely easy
to ride even if you have no prior experience and maybe part of the reason
why it’s proving to be extremely popular in the recreational vehicle market when
you activate a special safety mode you can use a remote control to guide the
vehicle to perform stunts which is an amazing feat to witness as the fly ride
has a maximum travel speed of 35 kilometres an hour a battery capacity
which powers seven hours of operation and the capacity to see two people i Gress ng the world is in the middle of
a food scarcity crisis and farmers have been trying their very best to develop
modern technologies that can help make up the difference the a gross energy is
a drone developed in China to help boost food production and assist millions of
farmers around the world in their quest to be more effective in their farming
processes it makes use of unmanned aerial vehicle technology to assist with
the delivery and distribution processes of fertilizer and weed control
substances in order to make use of this amazing
machine the farmer first has to map out the area to be worked on
activate the drone so that it stores this field in the memory base and then
treasure the drone to fly around and deploy fertilizer and pesticides
carrying out processes that would take the equivalent of 50 humans in less than
a quarter of the time the a gross energy can carry up to ten kilograms of
fertilizer or pesticides with the intensity of spraying depending on your
adjustments and sensors giving the drone information on the best practices for
deployment to help make sure that they get the best crops and the world gets
the food it needs to survive Stan parking is often one of the most
annoying problems associated with driving in recognition of this prevalent
problem Stan was developed by French company Stanley robotics to make all of
our lives easier designed specifically for crowded
parking near large airports the stand can be used in a number of urban sites
to help take passenger cars from crowded garages and park them much closer and
more efficiently than humanly possible this works because the robots have the
advantage of an ultra precise orientation system and because there’s
typically no need to open the doors working with a special wheeled platform
the Stan has the ability to move under cars clamp the wheels and move the
vehicles to precisely the right spots to conserve space when the car is required
the robot moves it to the outermost row to make it more convenient to collect
and making your parking experience ultimately stress-free as time goes on
the Stan will be available in airports in Lyon and Gatwick great news if you
hate personal parking tighten shoe cover dispenser at a time
when diseases are rampant the tighten shoe dispenser comes to help protect the
world from transmitted diseases this device has proven to be popular in
hospitals and beauty shops basically every location where hygiene is
paramount this dispenser contains up to 50 pairs of disposable shoe covers and
it has a display that shows you just how many shoe covers remain to ensure that
you are never out when you least expect it aside from just dispensing shoe
covers this machine can also help you put them on all you have to do is place
your foot on the special rest for a couple of seconds and the machine does
the rest regardless of the type of shoes you’re wearing drastically reducing the
risk of infection transmission in your workplace Vigo clean streets are the hallmark of a
functioning society with a Vigo you can rest assured that your streets are kept
clean all the time with no regard for time and weather conditions usually an
effort intensive exercise the Vigo was developed in China to help ease the
stress associated with street sweeping it is an automatic street sweeper
machine that was developed to function without the need for human input the
Vigo can maneuver past major obstacles function in all manners of weather
conditions and functions regardless of the temperature and time of day it has
been demonstrated to be able to function in temperatures ranging from minus 20 to
plus 40 degrees for six to eight hours and it can clean up to 40 kilometres of
road on one charge Bumba manually lifting roofing supplies
the heights during construction is one of the most effort intensive activities
you can think of previously done by hand nowadays these materials can be
delivered with the use of a machine that functions as a compact in mobile lift
this machine can be used to transport a wide variety of materials such as bricks
or stone blocks and it has been demonstrated to help cut down on the
time and effort used in material transportation by as much as 75% this
ingenious machine can be operated by just two people and can lift enough
tiles to cover 300 square meters the lift is also capable of both raising and
lowering building materials from as high as 9 meters making it an indispensable
part of any construction operation elf we all love bicycles they are a fun
transportation option that don’t pollute our environment and gives us the
opportunity for exercise the one disadvantage they have is the fact that
they often cannot be used in poor weather at least they couldn’t until now the elf created by American company
organic transit integrates the best features of both cars and bicycles
it is a three-wheeled solar-powered vehicle which is both environmentally
friendly and operable in poor weather made for people under the weight limit
of 250 kilograms and capable of speeds of up to 32 km/h in the electric mode
and 48 km/h with the help of pedal traction it has been determined that one
battery charge is enough to cover 77 kilometers swag roller the last vehicle we want to
show you is relatively cheap but still packed full with utility even though it
is priced at an affordable 300 US dollars the swag roller lives up to its
name by providing a compact completely environmentally friendly vehicle with a
self balancing system that guarantees an easy ride it can be ridden by complete
novices and can travel up to 20 kilometers on a three-hour charge
designed to be driven on footpaths with a large number of people the swag roller
can be used when there is a need to overcome small obstacles and drive at a
15 degree angle